Bias Cloth Buff Pink M6 M8
M series of cloth buff is suitable for general polishing used.
KOYO-SHA provides a larger fold surface of cloth buff, so the compounds could be more completely preserved to process the finer polishing on various surfaces. The fold buff is more durable than the standard cloth buff. The air could be fluid on the fold buff during the high speed rotation. It also produces cold air, ensuring to achieve a brighter and cleaner surface. According to different metals, you can choose the different compounds to go with buffs to enhance the performance.
  1. Long life due to bias buff
  2. The air go through from the center to the pleated part produces the cool air effect.
  3. Better preservation of polishing compounds
ProductsSpecificationThinCutting PowerApplication
Outside diameterIron SheetCentre
Bias Cloth Buff Pink M6 400*175*50.8 16ply(12-16mm) M6<M8 Stainless steel, zinc,
copper, Aluminum
Bias Cloth Buff Pink M8