50ply Cotton Buffing Wheel
50ply cotton buffing wheel is designed to achieve general/ mirror surface polishing for various material workpieces. It is made of fine cotton cloth, which has fluffing treatment on the sides to enhance the adsorption of compounds. These series have two different fabrics to provide different cutting power. With respective compounds, the polishing outcome will be more remarkable. Metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, wood, plastic, and ceramics are all suitable to use 50ply cotton buffing wheel.
  1. Has a perfect adsorption of compounds
  2. With respective compounds, it can achieve mirror surface effect.
ProductsSpecificationCutting PowerApplications
50ply cotton buffing wheel (yellow) 4 inch*50ply
6 inch*50ply
8 inch*50ply
10 inch*50ply
12 inch*50ply
14 inch*50ply
yellow>white Stainless steel, iron, steel
50ply cotton buffing wheel (white) Zinc, copper, aluminum