3M Non-Woven Abrasive Wheel
The non-woven abrasive wheel has a perfect performance on the heat dissipation and elasticity. It is suitable for sanding, trimming, deburring, scratching removal, surface polishing and rust removal. During the process of grinding, it is not easy to stain the work pieces, chamfer or scratch. Instead, it gives hairline or fine line finish.
  1. Imported non-woven abrasive cloth, which extends the life-time
  2. Can easily cut into a appropriate size for using
※The thickness, the degree of hardness can be customized. For further information on customized specifications, please contact us for details.
ProductsSpecificationDegree of hardnessCutting PowerApplications
3M Non-Woven Abrasive Wheel 12*2inch 9S>7S>5S White>Yellow>Red Furniture