Bias Cloth Buffing Wheel
Bias Cloth Buffing Wheel is designed for various metal polishing. The oblique bias structure could absorb more compounds to process on the different surface effectively. Compared to the buffing wheel, the bias cloth buffing wheel is more durable, more cutting power and better heat dissipation. Bias cloth buffing wheel will perform perfectly on the surface if the cooperating compound is matched. For example, the brown compounds and the brown liquid compounds are perfectly match with bias cloth wheel when it comes to zinc alloy work pieces.
  1. Bias cloth buffing wheel is more durable compared to buffing wheel
  2. better heat dissipation
  3. well adsorption of compounds
※Customization: Materials /layers /gap widths of screwing For further information on customized specifications, please contact us for details.
ProductsSpecificationCutting PowerApplications
Bias Cloth Buffing Wheel Green 22inch
Green>White>Soft white Stainless steel, zinc, copper and aluminum
Bias Cloth Buffing Wheel White
Bias Cloth Buffing Wheel Soft White