Flannel Loose Buffing Wheel
The flannel loose buffing wheel is designed for plastic, resin, lacquer, melamine, and acrylic to process low-cutting power polishing. The flannel loose cloth is softer and also has a flurry treatment on the sides. Also, the center was fixed within 4 stitches of the sewing thread. It benefits the adsorption of compounds and heat dissipation. With respective compounds, it can increase the brightness, enhance the paint color, and remove the slight scratches.
  1. Perfect adsorption of compounds
  2. With respective compounds, it can increase the brightness and enhance the paint color
※Customization: Materials /layers /gap widths of screwing For further information on customized specifications, please contact us for details.
ProductsSpecificationCutting PowerApplications
Flannel loose buffing wheel 18cm
12 inch
14 inch
16 inch
18 inch
low Plastic, resin, lacquer, melamine, acrylic