Polimall Roll
Polimall essentially differs from silicon cloth which gives temporal luster or chemical polishing cloth which just wipes off dusts. Because of the multiple effects of "Ultrafine particles" and "Lustering agent" impregnated into the cloth, the genuine luster can be achieved without scratching or corrosion. With response to gold, sliver, copper, aluminum and stainless steel, KOYO-SHA has produced different polimall sheets to achieve your expectations. It is also suitable to polish mobile phone metallic surfaces and jewelry.
  1. Achieve luster surface
  2. Could be used alone. Don’t need to go with compounds.
  3. Can be cut into the size you want
  4. Easily remove the little scratches on the surface
ProductsSpecificationCutting PowerApplication
Pink Polimall Single package:125mm*195mm
Strong Stainless steel
Blue Polimall Medium Stainless steel, zinc, copper, Aluminum
Yellow Polimall Weak Gold, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum