Sisal Buffing Wheel
Sisal buffing Wheel is design for various metal work pieces to process the coarse polishing. Whether the surface is flat or curved, it can be applied on the cutting and polishing process. It is made of burlap and cotton cloth. The spiral sewing and hardened process can determine the hardness degree.

※Customization: Materials /layers /gap widths of screwing /hardened process For further information on customized specifications, please contact us for details.
ProductsSpecificationDegree of hardnessApplications
diameterHole size
Sisal buffing wheel 18 inch*1 inch
16 inch*1 inch
14 inch*1 inch
12 inch*1 inch
10 inch*12.7mm
8 inch*12.7mm
7 inch*12.7mm
6 inch*12.7mm
5 inch*12.7mm
Soft copper、zinc
Medium Aluminum、iron
Hard Stainless stain、iron、steel